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Red Pill Religion began as the Escaping Atheism Project, a unique, secular project started in 2016 by a group of people from different religious backgrounds, including various sects of Christianity. The project was founded by former managing editor of A Voice for Men and publisher of Dean's World, Dean Esmay, who also uses the nom de guerre Max Kolbe, inspired by St. Maximilian Kolbe, a canonized Polish Conventual Franciscan who died in Auschwitz.

The project is centered around the principle that belief in the spiritual, the transcendental, and the supernatural is acceptable, normal, healthy, and integral to human nature.

It is a nonreligious, philosophical group dedicated to fighting cultural atheism. Its purpose is single-minded in focus: to expose bigotry, fraud, abuse, and lies by militant secular atheists, and the low vulgar culture of atheism.

The project defends all religions, like Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. from religious bigotry and abuse perpetrated by Atheism.

The group startles some for, according to its founder, "Escaping Atheism engages the Vulgar Culture on its own terms. We use the common potty mouth language now normal in mainstream culture when dissecting, analyzing, and mocking Atheists."

Past guests and regulars include legal experts and authors such as RK Hendrick, John C. Wright, and Trinity College Professor of History, Borden B. Painter.

The site is intentionally satirical, sarcastic, crass, rude, and may not be suitable for sensitive audiences.

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