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This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about Michael Moore.

  1. The case Michael Moore didn't show from Canada: Lindsay McCreith was told by his Canadian universal health care system that he had to wait 4 months for a simple MRI to determine if his brain tumor was benign or malignant. He traveled to Buffalo instead, had the MRI done quickly, found the malignancy, and had an operation to save his life. He'd be dead now if he stayed within his Canadian health care system. Now he's suing to end this injustice in the government-controlled system that Michael Moore praised. See here.
  2. Critics pan Michael Moore's Sicko. Save yourself eight bucks. [1]
  3. "Sicko" film, liberal conspiracy theorist Michael Moore's latest effort, is too Wacko even for top liberals. [2].
    Fox News reviews the Sicko film here [3]
  4. Google muzzles an employee who criticized Michael Moore's sick, oops that's Sicko, new movie. Doesn't Google respect free speech? None of its employees dare answer that question![4]