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The Peregrin Chronicles is a science fiction comic series by conservative author Keith C. Bradbury.

The Peregrin Chronicles depicts the arrival of an alien spaceship to a small rural town in the Midwest United States. The ship's arrival would have gone completely unnoticed, were it not for a young teen boy unable to sleep on that fateful summer night.

What is their purpose? Why are they here? Are their intentions benign or do they represent the biggest threat this planet has ever faced?

The Peregrin Chronicles were first created in television script form, written by Bradbury. The first episode, "The Day they Arrived," was conceived as a pilot for an entire science fiction television series that would span several seasons to tell a specific story with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

As difficult as it is to see a new television series brought to the screen, much less survive beyond its inaugural season, Bradbury enlisted the aid of veteran illustrator Paul McCall to bring the series to life in comic book form. Readers of the comic will no doubt see how the story flows like a televised story, both in framing, pace, and development. This was entirely by design.

Digital copies are available on Comixology and physical copies can be purchased through Who North America.