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Conservative Paul Ibrahim

Paul Ibrahim is a conservative columnist, blogger and writer of U.S. politics and economics. He is one of the youngest syndicated columnists in the country. Co-founded the Ivy League Republican Caucus and is a Board of Director. His work has been published in papers from coast to coast and has been cited by Rush Limbaugh.[1] Paul does appearances on a number of radio and television shows.


Paul was born Beirut, Lebanon and he only became a U.S. citizen in 2005. He has such a love for America, it was his dream to live here. Currently, Paul resides in Washington D.C..

Inadvertently joined the conservative movement as a student at Cornell University (where his writing career began) and has since joined the George Mason University School of Law. Writing first for the Cornell Review, the Cornell Daily Sun and then Young America's Foundation.


Paul has worked the federal government on executive and congressional issues. Also, assisted in foreign policy research at the American Enterprise Institute. He has editorial page of USA Today.


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