Patrick Leahy

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Patrick Leahy
Senior U.S. Senator from Vermont
From: January 3, 1975 – present
Predecessor George Aiken
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Marcelle Pomerleau
Religion Roman Catholic

Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, is the senior senator from Vermont. He is the current chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee and has served in the Senate since 1974. His re-election races have not been close since the 1980 election.


After countless stories of election fraud by the group ACORN, Patrick Leahy was one of seven Democrats that voted to continue funding ACORN. The vote failed and ACORN was stripped of funding in the Senate [1] Bill Wilson of Americans for Limited Government said, "The ACORN Housing Corporation has long been pushing the very loose-lending policies that helped destroy the housing industry. And now it has been exposed for working with prostitutes, as well. Yet, these seven Senators [Leahy] have knowingly voted to keep sending taxpayer money to a highly corrupt organization of pushers and pimps," [2]


Leahy has appeared in three Batman films: The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight and Batman & Robin.

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