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Dana's System of Mineralogy (7th Edition), is the standard mineral reference. Every mineral species included belongs in one of fifteen classes, beginning with "native elements" and ending with "silicates." The minerals are classified on the basis of their crystal chemistry—that is, their chemical makeup and crystal structure. Chesterman, p. 343

These are the fifteen mineral classes:

  1. Native Elements
  2. Sulfides, Arsenides and Tellurides
  3. Sulfosalts
  4. Simple oxides
  5. Hydroxides
  6. Multiple Oxides
  7. Halides
  8. Carbonates
  9. Borates
  10. Sulfates
  11. Chromates
  12. Phosphates, Arsenates, and Vanadates
  13. Vanadium Oxysalts
  14. Molybdates and Tungstates
  15. Silicates

Chesterman, Contents


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