Memento (2000 film)

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Directed by Christopher Nolan
Produced by Aaron Ryder
Jennifer Todd
Suzanne Todd
Written by Jonathan Nolan (short story)
Christopher Nolan
Starring Guy Pearce
Carrie-Anne Moss
Joe Panoliano
Music by David Julyan
Cinematography Wally Pfister
Editing by Dody Dorn
Distributed by Newmarket Capital Group
Release date(s) September 5, 2000
Running time 113 min
Country United States
Language English
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Memento is a 2000 film directed by Christopher Nolan about a man named Leonard Shelby (played by Guy Pearce) who has lost his short-term memory and wants to find his wife's killer. The film is told uniquely in a reverse order rather than chronologically. The film was rated "R" by the MPAA for violence, language and some drug content.