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Max Miller (born Thomas Sargent, 1894-1963):British music hall comedian, known as 'the Cheeky Chappie', whose appeal depended on broad humor and much use of the word 'Missus' with increasing degrees of arch knowledge. He wore suits made out of loud floral fabric for his stage act, with matching shoes.

His real fame was as a result of pushing the accepted standards of comedy to the very limit, especially in his use of double entendres. To a degree, the theater had rarely seen anything like it before, but to some he did push the boundaries of acceptability and he was occasionally banned from BBC radio - When he told the hilarious story of his recent visit to the hospital where he was told that he was going to be given a little prick by one of the doctors he was banned for five years! At the time the hierarchy of the BBC thought that the only way they could combat Miller was to ban him.[1]


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