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A limerick is a poem with five lines and a set rhyme scheme, generally about a humorous or vulgar topic.

Limerick City (Irish: Luimneach) is the third largest city in the Republic of Ireland, located in the province of Munster in the Mid-West. It is the capital of County Limerick, and the seat of a great Cathedral from the 12th Century, St.Mary's Cathedral.[1] The last city on the River Shannon (the longest river in the Anglo-Hibernian archipelago before it becomes estuarine) it has a population of approximately 110,000. The city retains a Georgian core, and although the ports are much less busy than in the 19th and 20th Centuries, it is still a busy transhipment point. Since the 1970s, and under the influence of SFADCO and other Irish Government incentives, the Limerick economy has developed into one quite heavily based on US manufacturers such as Dell, Anaolg Devices, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. County Limerick has many ancient archeological sites, dating back 5000 years, including Lough Gur.[2] Limerick City is notorious for being the only city in Ireland to host a pogrom in 1904.[3]