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The League of German Girls (Bund Deutscher Mädel in German) was the girl's branch of the overall German National Socialist youth movement in the Third Reich of the Hitler Youth. This program was broken down into three parts: young females between ages ten and fourteen years would belong to the Young Girl's League, teenage girls between the ages of fourteen and eighteen became members of the League of German Girls, young women between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one were members of Belief and Beauty. This last group prepared young women for marriage to a member of the Nazi Party or SS.

The idea of a political party which embraces all activities of the individual from the cradle to the grave, which claims to guide the individuals views on everything, was first put into practice by the socialists. It was not the fascists but the socialists who began to collect children at the tenderest age into political organization to direct their thinking. It was not the fascists but the socialists who first thought of organizing sports and games, football and hiking, in party clubs where the members would not be infected by other views.[1]


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