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Landmark Legal Foundation (The Ronald Reagan Legal Center) is a conservative public interest law firm in Washington D.C., established in 1976. The current organizational president is Mark Levin. Per their website, "We fight for the values and ideals the Founding Fathers gave voice to in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution."


Landmark legal is currently focused on the National Education Association accountability project. Targeting them at the national level, as well as the states where the union spends millions in tax exempt funds on unreported and hence illegal political activities.

Public Accountability

Landmark Legal focuses on public accountability of activist judges who rely on foreign laws, fabricate “rights” to advance an extremist social agenda. "A decade of rejection at the ballot box has led liberals to turn to the courts to implement their policy goals, regardless of the will of the people or the parameters on the authority of the judiciary established by the Framers of the Constitution."

Environmental Accountability

After learning that many of the nation's most extreme environmental groups have received billions of taxpayer dollars from the federal government, Landmark Legal consistently forces the EPA to disclose what they are up to by submitting Freedom of Information requests. They were instrumental in getting changes after the people at the EPA were held in contempt for destroying files. Landmark also maintains the most comprehensive searchable database of information about federal grants to nonprofit environmental groups anywhere on the Internet. Per their website, "The EPA has already produced a list of nearly 14,000 grants totaling more than $2 billion made to nonprofit organizations since 1993." [1]

IRS Harassment of Conservatives

The Landmark Legal Foundation has been credited with making IRS harassment of conservative organizations a scandal for the Obama administration.[2]


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