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Kuat Shildebayev

Kuat Shildebayev is a Kazakh musical composer whose oeuvre combines myriads of genres. His work is used much in industrials film and he has composed scores of several great Kazakh films[1] including Fall of Otrar, Young Years of Abay, Arrow's Flight, Notes on a Railway Inspector, Forget About Me and Flowers for Stalin. Also he compose for the ballet Adam and rock ballet Legend about a Mankurt which was based on story of dead writer Chingiz Atmatov.

Shildebayev sometime must compose music in special style for film genre, maybe ancient Kazakh folkloric style or music from time of Mozart or Haydn. But he sometime rues working in film industries - "Working in film industry stops me from composing my usual music", he says.

Kuat's mentor was great people's artiste of the USSR, professor of music and head of composer's school, Ghaziz Zhubanova. From age six he studied at Kulyash Bayseitova Music School where Gaziza Akhmetovna (unmarried name of Zhubanova) was teacher and taught him many things.

Kuat Shildebayev has a deep interest in philopsophy and mysticism which inspire him to great works, but he always composed his music for the people not for critics or music specialists.

His recent albums have been called ProtoAdam, Yemshan and DNA Phantoms


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