King Kong Escapes

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King Kong Escapes
Directed by Ishirō Honda
Produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka (Japan)
Arthur Rankin Jr. (US)
Written by Kaoru Mabuchi
Starring Akira Takarada
Rhodes Reason
Linda Miller
Mie Hama
Eisei Amamoto
Music by Akira Ifukube
Cinematography Hajime Koizumi
Distributed by Toho Company (Japan)
Rankin-Bass, Universal Pictures (US)
Release date(s) July 22, 1967 (Japan)
June 19, 1968 (US)
Running time 104 minutes (Japan)
96 minutes (US)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Gross revenue Unknown (Japan)
$1 million (US)
Preceded by King Kong vs. Godzilla
Followed by King Kong (1976 film)

Kingu Kongu no Gyakushū (translated: Counterattack of King Kong, released in North America as King Kong Escapes) is a 1967 daikaiju (giant monster) film produced by the Japanese Toho Studios, and directed by Ishiro Honda.

The legendary giant gorilla, King Kong, battles a robot version of himself, Mechani-Kong, which is under the control of evil scientist Dr. Who (not the British science fiction character) as part of his plans for world domination. Universal Pictures, in association with American animation studio Rankin-Bass (which had created an animated version of Kong titled The King Kong Show in 1966, on which this movie is partly based) distributed the English-dubbed version of the film in North America, where it debuted on June 19, 1968. This is also the first film in the King Kong franchise to depict Kong as an outright hero (previous King Kong movies depicted Kong either with villainous tendencies, such as killing innocent people while on rampages, or as an anti-hero).


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