KAL 007: the Russian Federation support for a water landing

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Beyond what had been concluded by the evidence then available, and contrary to that conclusion, the examination of evidence now available, points strongly to a successful water landing of Korean Airlines Flight 007 (KAL 007), shot down by the Soviets on Sept. 1, 1983, off the shores of the Russian Island of Moneron with the subsequent rescue of and incarceration of passengers and crew. These conclusion arises from the following:

1. Mikhail Prozumentshchikov, Deputy Director of the Russian State Archives of Recent History, Mikhail Prozumentshchikov, commenting on the shooting down of KAL 007 in RIA Novosti, September 1, 2003—the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy, acknowledged Soviet knowledge of the plane's location, while they had been ostensibly joining in the search for KAL 007 in international waters north of Moneron Island. See http://www.rescue007.org/anniversary_commentary.htm .

2. Documents that the Russian Federation had released, proved to be top secret memorandum sent right after the shoot down and from the offices of the top intelligence and government officials, to the head of the Soviet Union Yuri Andropov, informing him that they had recovered KAL 007's black boxes (which recovery they were to deny until Senator Jesse Helms pressured Boris Yeltsin in to divulging of information), and that the Soviet naval search and rescue operations were engaged in a deception of the Western forces by simulating search for the downed airliner. These Soviet officials were Victor Chebrikov, head of the KGB, and Dmitri Ustinov, See http://www.rescue007.org/TopSecretMemos.htm

3. Contrary to what the world had come to believe, namely, that KAL 007 had been mortally crippled by the Soviet attack and had immediately or shortly plunged in the waters of the Tatar strait north of Moneron to its demise and the death of its occupants, the Russian Federation handover of the Soviet real time military communications and Sakhalin Island headquarter telecommunication transcripts show that KAL maintained a level flight for almost 5 minutes after the attack, until it was over the only land mass in the whole Tartar straits which could afford a safe haven for the crippled aircraft, and then commenced a slow spiral descent within Soviet territorial waters being tracked in its descent by Soviet radar on the mainland until curvature of the earth at 1,000 ft. above sea level prevented further tracking. The Soviet had denied entrance to all Allied (U.S. Japanese vessels) in their attempts to enter Soviet waters around Moneron. http://www.rescue007.org/escape.htm

4. Contrary to Soviet protestation that they had no knowledge of the location of KAL 007 subsequent to the shoot down, the Russian Federation hand over of the Soviet military documents show that they indeed did know of its location - within a few miles of the tiny Soviet island of Moneron, just 4 miles in length and 3 miles in width. These documents prove, not only that the location was known, but that at least two missions were ordered (missions which were kept secret) involving the specifically mentioned Rescue helicopters, KGB patrol boats (under command of Gen Romenenkov), any civilian trawlers that then might be around Moneron. Mention is also made of which bases could and could not supply the aircraft. (See http://www.rescue007.org/rescue.htm)

There is presently, a petition http://www.change.org/petitions/president-barack-obama-speaker-of-the-house-john-boehner-conduct-an-investigation-of-flight-kal-007 to be sent to President Obama and Speaker of the House Boehner urging a reopening of the investigation into the shootdown of KAL 007 and investigation the persistant reports of survivors to this tragedy There is no reason, in the light of the above, why a reopening of the issue would not result in the coming home of any of our loved ones who are still alive, after the long years of detention on Soviet and post Soviet lands and conditions. There is no reason not to pursue the credible reports of survivors including Democratic Congressman from Georgia, Larry McDonald.