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Joseph de Tonquédec, S.J. (December 27, 1868 - November 21, 1962) was a well known Jesuit Roman Catholic priest and author.

Father Tonquedec was born in Morlaix, France on December 27, 1868. He received his doctorate in philosophy in 1899 and his doctorate in theology in 1905. He was the professor of philosophy at Collège St. Grégoire, Tours, from 1899 to 1901.

From 1924 to 1962 he was the official exorcist of Paris, France[1] from 1924 to 1962.[2] Father de Tonquedec was an adversary of the French philosopher Maurice Blondel.[3] De Tonquedec wrote Some Aspects of Satan's Activity in this World.[4] Father Gabriele Amorth, in his book about exorcism, mentions Father de Tonquedec as a "famous French exorcist".[5]

Father Tonquedec died on November 31, 1962 in France.

Partial listing of his books

  • Introduction a L'etude du Merveilleux et du Miracle, (1923)
  • La Crititique de la Connaissance, (1929)
  • Les Maladies Nerveuses ou Mentales et les Manifestations Diaboliques, (1938)


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