Joe Biden and the military

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Joe Biden in 2013.

Joe Biden has faced a couple of controversies related the military. Below is information related to those controversies.

Accusation Joe Biden was a draft dodger

Joe Biden did not serve in the military. According to the Washington Post, during the Vietnam War, Biden got a draft notice but he did not pass the physical due to asthma.[1]

The website Inside Sources indicates about Joe Biden:

He was 6 feet tall and had an athlete’s build. He played football in high school and was active in sports throughout college. He spent one summer as a lifeguard at a local pool.

But after he graduated college in the spring of 1968 and became eligible for the draft and —possibly — combat duty in Vietnam, he received a diagnosis that let him avoid military service...


It was one of five deferments Biden received...

There’s no denying that, by all appearances, the Joe Biden of 1968 was the picture of health. During his time at Archmere Academy, Biden excelled at sports.[2]

Joe Biden playing football for the undefeated Archmere football team

Joe Biden disputes report that he told a false war story

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