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Hindu fanatics are members of Hinduism who commit radical acts in the name of their beliefs. They are thought to be relatively rare in amongst a membership on the order of a billion people. Hindu fanatic(s) is the phrase used in media reports to describe the Hindu or Hindus who shot Mahatma Gandhi,[1] who killed the Australian Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two young sons,[2] who destroyed the Babri Mosque[3] in the state of Utter Pardesh, India, who on April 21, 2002 burnt a pregnant Muslim alive,[4] who burnt, ransacked, and destroyed 95 Christian Churches in December 2007 in the Kandhamal District of Orissa,[5][6] and who raped the twenty something Catholic nun, Sister Meena Lalita Barwa on August 25, 2008.[7]

In an obvious understatement the liberal media sees such extremists as threats to Indian's modern secularist movement;[7] the phrasing of which is also somewhat conceptually speculative. The attacks on both Sister Meena Lalita Barwa and the Australian missionary Graham Staines have taken place in the Indian state of Orissa.


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