Health risks of eating pork

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Below are journal articles and other articles which cover the health risks of eating pork:

Journal articles on the health risks of eating pork

Dr. David Macht study related to toxicity levels of clean/unclean animals in Old Testament (Pigs were an unclean animal under Mosaic Law)

David Macht

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Under the Mosaic Law, pigs were considered unclean animals and forbidden to eat while clean animals were allowed to be eaten (Christians are not under the Mosaic Law).

Dr. David Macht, a Johns Hopkins medical researcher, found that pigs (along with other unclean animals under the Mosaic Law) had higher toxicity levels than clean animals in the Mosaic Law.[1][2] He reported his findings in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine (a publication of the American Association of the History of Medicine and of The Johns Hopkins Institute of the History of Medicine), September/October Issue in 1953, An Experimental Pharmacological Appreciation of Leviticus XI and Deuteronomy XIV.[3][4]