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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, released on October 27, 2002 for the PlayStation 2, May 1, 2003 for the PC, and October 21, 2003 for the Xbox is the fourth installation to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


The game takes place in Vice City, a city acknowledged to be in the state of Florida, United States. Vice City is modeled heavily after Miami. Implementing beachfront real estate, palm trees, beaches, and nightclubs, Vice City satirizes and re-creates 1980s American pop culture with the in-game soundtrack featuring songs from bands such as Mötley Crüe (rock), Iron Maiden (rock), Joe Jackson (pop/rock), Michael Jackson (pop), REO Speedwagon (rock), and many more. The game is set in the year 1986, hence the pop culture encountered in the game.


The story of the game follows a man named Tommy Vercetti, an Italian mafia affiliate in his 30s who was just released from prison after fifteen years for killing eleven men. During the first of a series of cocaine deals, the deal is ambushed, Tommy's bodyguards and the cocaine dealer are killed. When Tommy informs his boss Sonny Forelli of the ambush, he has a meltdown and threatens Tommy with the consequences of trying to cheat the Mafia, which he is accused of because of the Ambush. Tommy meets up with his lawyer; Ken Rosenberg who leads him to Colonel Cortez; a mid level drug dealer. Cortez expresses his regret over the ambush and promises to investigate and find the persons responsible for the ambush. Tommy later meets Cortez's daughter; Mercedez, who is a prostitute who befriends Tommy and becomes his best friend.

While he waits for the outcome of the investigation he meets Kent Paul; a British record producer, Avery Carrington; a real estate developer from Texas, and Lance Vance, the brother of Victor Vance; who is seeking revenge. Victor Vance, the drug dealer who was killed in the ambush was earlier the protagonist of [[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]] set in 1984. Over time, Tommy does work for Colonel Cortez and becomes his regular hitman and errand-boy. On one subsequent mission for Ricardo Diaz in which the deal is ambushed and Tommy is forced to kill approaching enemy gang members in order to protect him. Diaz later hires Tommy to help advance his agenda. Diaz is a middle aged Hispanic man with severe anger management problems so severe that during the cutscene for the mission "The Fastest Boat", he shoots his VCR with a pistol because he thought it was broken. It is revealed seconds later that the VCR simply wasn't plugged in. Diaz defends the action by saying "don't worry, I can buy a hundred more".

The story goes on to include Tommy learning that one of Cortez's friends was responsible for the raid. Afterwards Cortez begins to suspect that Diaz; the owner of the large mansion on Starfish Island, was responsible for the raid. Tommy later assassinates Diaz with the help of Lance Vance. Lance Vance attempted to take revenge by himself and failed, which forced Tommy to rush across the city and rescue him from a compound. After control of the cartel is seized and Colonel Cortez escapes the country to escape arrest, Tommy moves on to seize control of an ice cream factory to manufacture cocaine, a printing plant to manufacture counterfeit currency, and a number of other establishments.


The player starts off living in an oceanfront hotel. The game follows Grand Theft Auto's traditional formula of completing "missions" in exchange for storyline progress, money, and the ability to complete later missions. Sound effects, visual effects, and physics are almost completely identical to those found in Grand Theft Auto III. Like in Grand Theft Auto III, jumping in the Atlantic Ocean will result in instant death due to programming difficulties/programmer laziness that were encountered during development. In addition, the requirement to refill vehicle gas tanks; a highly asked for feature in Grand Theft Auto Games, was cut before release.

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