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George Monbiot (born January 27, 1963) is a journalist, author, academic and environmental and leftwing political activist in the United Kingdom who writes a weekly column for The Guardian newspaper. In Britain, he joined the roads protest movement. He claims to have been attacked by security guards, who drove a metal spike through his foot, smashing his middle metatarsal bone. He helped to found The Land is Ours, which has occupied land all over the country, including thirteen acres (five hectares) of prime real estate in Wandsworth on which owners Diageo intended to build a superstore. The protesters beat Diageo in court, built an "eco-village" and held on to the land for six months. [1]

Monbiot's most recent book, Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning, published in 2006, focuses on the issue of climate change. In this book, Monbiot argues that a 90% reduction in carbon emissions is necessary in developed countries in order to prevent disastrous changes to the climate. He then sets out to demonstrate how such a reduction could be achieved within the United Kingdom, without a significant fall in living standards, through changes in housing, power supply and transport. Monbiot concludes that such changes are possible but they would require considerable political will.

To coincide with the launch of Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning, he has created a new website, criticising both those who deny human influenced climate change and those he believes make "inflated claims about their environmental performance." It is available at Turn Up The Heat.

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