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Faith Goldy (born June 8, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian news reporter, investigative journalist and social and political commentator. Goldy has appeared in many press and broadcast media organizations including The Catholic Register, The Toronto Sun, The Blaze, Bell Media, Zoomer, and the National Post. She was a former reporter with the Sun News Network.

Goldy occasionally attacks legitimate conservatives and conservative positions.[1][2]

Background and career

Goldy attended the University of Toronto where she doubled majored in Politics and History while minoring in Philosophy. She graduated with honors in 2012.

On August 17, 2017, The Rebel Media fired her for being interviewed on The Krypto Report, which is owned by the The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website. Goldy later apologized for the incident and error in judgement. Since late 2017, Goldy has been a freelance journalist and public speaker.[3][4]

Goldy is strongly connected with her Ukrainian heritage and in her youth danced with the Ukrainian Academy of Dance. She is a Christian, and member of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of Canada. She is well known for her work bringing humanitarian aid to Iraq for Christian refugees.

Incident involving Antifa violence

See also: Left-wing violence in the Trump era

In an incident on May 19, 2018 in which she went to cover an anti-illegal immigration protest in Quebec at the Canada-United States border, Goldy was viciously attacked and assaulted by far-Left Antifa rioters who showed up to crash the protest and fight with the protesters.[5] Subsequent to the incident, CTV Montreal reporter Angela MacKenzie whitewashed what happened in her Twitter account by downplaying and minimizing Antifa's actions (including their calls to throw Goldy into moving traffic), calling them "counter-protestors" instead of the rioters and criminals they are (and even refused to identify them as Antifa) and used the leftist term "far-Right" (a smear term used by the Left to refer to conservatives) to refer to Goldy. MacKenzie's tweet drew immediate and heavy criticism against her on her Twitter account for her biased reporting[6] and against CTV for selective editing of the video capturing the Antifa assault on Goldy.[7]

Entry into politics

On July 27, 2018, Goldy announced her candidacy to run for Mayor of Toronto on a platform of reinstating the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy and the police policy of "carding" (where officers stop and interview individuals based on suspicious activity or suspected crimes by said individuals, which liberal critics claim is a form of "racial profiling" due to some of those suspected individuals being of First Nations or Black Canadian background[8]), affordable housing for local millennials, refusing entry by new illegal immigrants and major repairs to city roads.

Murder of Marrisa Shen

In September 2018 a 13 year old Chinese girl, Marrisa Shen, was murdered by a Syrian immigrant, Ibrahim Ali. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau guaranteed in October 2016, "I am personally responsible for any harm to any person harmed by any of Canada's new refugees." Trudeau invited 25,000 unvetted immigants into Canada from Syria.

Earlier in January 2018, in the Hijab Hoax, an 11 year old Muslim girl claimed an Asian man tried to cut her hijab with scissors as she walked to school. Within 45 minutes the incident was reported nationwide by Canadian mainstream media. Justin Trudeau sent out a tweet condemning an alleged hate crime with no evidence committed by a person of Asian ancestry. Toronto police later reported the hijab cutting incident never occurred.[9] After Marissa Shen's murder however, Trudeau remained silent.

Trudeau has been criticized for stirring racial hatred and violence against Chinese and Asians.[10][11]

Goldy spoke out about the incident,[12] and won the endorsement of Toronto Chinese TV.

Victim of liberal intolerance

See also: Liberal intolerance

She ran into problems when she was blocked from taking part in a mayoral debate on September 25, 2018 based on her campaign platform, but she appeared onstage at the debate anyway and questioned why she was not invited to take part in the debate, despite having the third-highest polling numbers in the mayoral race, before she was forcibly removed from the stage by Toronto police.[13] While Goldy later posted video showing her removal from the debate stage,[14] other video of the incident that was posted to YouTube which criticized Goldy's removal was quickly blocked and censored by that site in collusion with debate organizers.[15] Goldy has criticized the debate organizers for colluding to deliberately exclude her from the debate and has called out liberal Toronto mayor John Tory, indicating that she was excluded from the debate because Tory is afraid to publicly debate her on issues affecting Toronto.[16][17]

Goldy has won the support of Chinese TV.

Liberal censorship

See also: Liberal censorship

In addition, Bell Media, the owner of CTV, refused to air her campaign ads on its Toronto news channel CP24 under a dubious claim that she "violated" unspecified broadcasting standards,[18] while the leftist National Post smeared her in an article on her clash with Bell Media,[19] also calling her "far-Right" and falsely claiming her to be "anti-immigrant" (while conveniently ignoring that she actually opposes illegal immigration) and that she advances "Islamophobia", "white supremacism" (while also ignoring that she has support from people of multiple ethnic and racial backgrounds) and "racist conspiracy theories" (all echoing claims made by Wikipedia in that site's own attempts to smear her). Goldy later announced that she was suing Bell Media to force the company to allow her ads to air.[20] Also, when National Post liberal columnist Warren Kinsella referred to Goldy's supporters at the September 25 mayoral debate as "winged monkeys" in a Twitter post (echoing comments made by Tory following the debate),[21] Goldy posted a critical reply accusing Tory and Kinsella of racism for that tweet, pointing out that she counts blacks and Jewish people among her supporters.[22]

On October 14, 2018, more controversy struck when Rogers Media, which owns several radio and TV stations in Toronto and is the parent company of the Citytv network, announced in an e-mail sent to Goldy by Rogers senior VP of sales Alan Dark that Rogers refused to run her radio and TV campaign ads, making the same bogus claims about her campaign platform as Bell Media, the National Post and her election opponents had and using it as its excuse to refuse the ads.[23] Goldy posted the e-mail from Rogers on her Twitter account[24] and accused the mainstream media of colluding with the other mayoral candidates to rig and steal the Toronto civic election, even declaring in her tweet that the media truly is the enemy of the people; in that same tweet, she also pointed out that the involved media companies' collusion to censor and silence her and keep her out of the debates is illegal and in violation of Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission regulations, which require that fair and equal election coverage is required for a media company to keep its broadcast license.[25] A poll released around the time of the Rogers announcement also claimed that Goldy is "a distant third" behind Tory and former Toronto chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat,[23] although polls run by liberal media outlets are generally unreliable for gauging popular opinion due to liberal bias and rigging of poll numbers.

On October 20, 2018, Google, also acting in collusion with the liberal media outlets and other mayoral candidates, illegally shut down Goldy's online advertising campaign, 48 hours before the opening of polls for the Toronto civic election on October 22, with no justifiable explanation for the shutdown and in potential violation of Canada's campaign financing and election laws.[26] Thanks to that collusion preventing Goldy from getting her message out to the public at large, Tory managed to get re-elected for a second term as Toronto mayor.[27]


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