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Homeschool groups and families, in order to expand the special experience of homeschooling, create opportunities, develop networks, increase participation and motivation by older boys, and guard against internal conflict, hereby agree to the following Constitution:

Article I: Religion and Behavior

Section One: There shall be no religious test for student participation, but a voluntary Christian prayer shall be led at the beginning of classroom instruction.

Section Two: There shall be no censorship of the Ten Commandments, “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, or similar recognition of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Section Three: Civility and chivalrous behavior shall be actively promoted between boys and girls, and athletic competition between the genders shall be discouraged.

Section Four: Students shall be encouraged to participate in civic activities, such as dinners featuring outside speakers and trips to Washington, D.C.

Article II: Curriculum

Section One: Instruction, textbook materials and assignments shall avoid liberal bias.

Section Two: Instruction shall include history, government, writing and economics.

Section Three: All students shall learn to read well using phonics, and problems in any particular student's ability to read shall be identified and immediately addressed.

Section Four: Friendly competition and honors shall be used to motivate students, and an effort shall be made to include at least one male teacher as a role model for the boys.

Article III: College and Culture

Section One: Students shall receive preparation to excel academically at college.

Section Two: Proper guidance toward good colleges shall be given to students.

Section Three: Students shall be prepared to deal with an increasingly deceitful culture, and to avoid the harm it causes to many teenagers and young adults.

Article IV: Ratification

Section One: Amendments require 2/3rd approval of those who abide by and sign this.

Section Two: This Constitution does not create any financial liabilities of any kind.