Essay:Jews as the Little Guy

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Populism is all about, "sticking up for the little guy," as it were. The Jew is the ultimate little guy!

This is self-evident, self-explanatory, and obvious. The history of the Jewish people, and the prejudice they have experienced, as well as contemporary anti-Semitism, are proof of this. In many countries, anti-Semitism is institutionalized, and Holocaust denial is promoted. In Europe, countless attacks have been committed against Jews by Islamists and by white nationalist reactionaries. In the years since 9/11, security at synagogues has been heightened drastically, due to both Jew-hating terrorist sympathizers, and conspiracy theorists who believe the Mossad was somehow involved.

This is why so many populists are hardcore Zionists (especially Trump). Israel, the one Jewish State, is but a sliver on the map, and many people want to take even that sliver away. Israel is constantly bullied by the United Nations. The governments of several countries openly call for the destruction of the state.

Anti-Semites in "Palestine," like Hamas, BDS, and the PLO are the most harmful directly to Israel. And when two prominent Democrat Congresswomen, who are members of the Squad, who have earned the support of white supremacists like David Duke and posters at Stormfront, are barred from Israel for their virulent anti-Semitism, the mainstream media takes their side!

And one of the two supposedly anti-globalist 2020 Democrats, Tulsi Gabbard, is an anti-Zionist who believes in the concept of "wars for Israel!"

Holocaust cartoon contests. International Holocaust denial conferences. In the 21st century!

Judaism is the world's second-most persecuted religion, and the Jews are the world's most persecuted ethnic group.

You want to stand up for the little guy? You want to be a populist? You need to be a philo-Semitic Zionist. Sticking up for the little guy means sticking up for Jews, and for Israel.