Essay:End Gates' Tax Exemption

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Bill Gates never paid taxes on most of his wealth, but instead transferred it tax-free to the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation does not pay taxes either.

Gates accumulated this wealth by violating the antitrust laws, destroying competitors, killing off innovation, and disrupting the free software movement. To say the gains were "ill-gotten" is an understatement.

Now the Gates Foundation distributes money in discrimination against religiously affiliated organizations, and many of the biggest beneficiaries have a personal connection with Mr. or Mrs. Gates, such as Duke University or planned parenthood organizations in their home state of Washington.

Why does Congress allow the loss of billions of dollars in taxes in this manner, with ordinary Americans footing the bill?

Perhaps Bill Gates and Microsoft have a right to interfere with the free software movement. But the free software movement also has a right to call for a long-overdue end to the tax exemption for the Gates Foundation.