Essay:Dan Crenshaw Is Not a RINO

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Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw is a mainstream conservative.

However, some don't seem to understand this.[1][2] I'm not sure why.

Dan Crenshaw is a popular young conservative who has served in multiple wars abroad, fighting for freedom and democracy. Once, this cost him his eye. A comedian on SNL made fun of this impairment, which received national attention. He appeared on Fox News to tell the comedian he did not need to apologize.

Crenshaw has backed background has Trump. He supported H1B visas...according to James Allsup, so did Trump. He insulted Trump once. Don't even get me started (see Mystery:Why Do People Who Like Trump Insult Him?).

Is it really that hard to accept that he's a mainstream conservative? Do we really have to call him a neocon, or a RINO?

Just a thought.