Emotional Incest Syndrome

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The Emotional Incest Syndrome is a type of relationship between parent and opposite-sex child that is dominated by possessiveness and that can eventually lead to homosexual behaviour of a child. A child that is found in a relationship marked by overly intimacy with opposite-sex parent can have significant problems to develop its own identity due to preference of identifying itself with the sex of possessive parent. This is especially likely if a child is a boy whose mother tries to compensate her own unsatisfied need for loving relationship by uniting with child. If a boy should be able to accrue the awareness of his own autonomy and identity, he inevitably needs to set himself free from the state of such unity. If mother is trying, even though subconsciously, to subdue and keep the child in the state of unification with her, the child is prevented from building up healthy boundaries of its own self-consciousness and sexual identity.[1]


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