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Dr. ZinX is an anti-viral supplement. On 2 April 2020, Advance Nanotek,[1] an Australian producer of zinc oxide, filed a joint patent application with AstiVita Limited,[2] for an antiviral composition that included various oral care products[3] containing hinokitiol as a vital component. The brand that is now incorporating this new invention is called Dr. ZinX and is likely to release its Zinc + Hinokitiol combination products in 2020.[4][5] On 18 May 2020, Dr. ZinX published test results for a “Quantitative suspension test for the evaluation of hinokitol's virucidal properties in the medical area” [6][7] Zinc is considered to be an essential dietary supplement and trace element in the body. Globally it is estimated that 17.3% of the population has inadequate Zinc intake.[8][9]