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Division can refer forming a whole into parts (see Division (math)) which has analogies to politics and the military.

Liberals like to complain of some wonderful conservative idea that it is "dividing us". Which is precisely the point: many conservative ideas represent a return to the good old, tried and true things that have worked well in the past.

Alan Caruba wrote:

  • It hardly needs to be said that today’s liberals and conservatives loath one another, nor that the nation is as sharply divided politically as in the days before the Civil War. Politically, America has swung back and forth between liberal and conservative administrations as evidenced by the elections of the previous century and this new one.[1]

And in regards to racial division, someone wrote:

  • There is no doubt that we are living in the most racially divisive environment in American history. At every turn the mainstream media, often with direction from influential politicians and civil rights organizations, make it a point to highlight the injustices faced by black people being oppressed by whites. Never mind that it was suburban white America who was effectively the swing vote in an election that saw a black man become President of the United States. You’d think that would have put the notion of white supremacy to rest. Sadly, that was not the case, and if anything it has further fueled the fire, so much so that it is impossible to go a single day without reading about white-on-black violence happening somewhere in the country, while attacks by black people against whites are under-reported or simply ignored.[2]


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  2. Controversial Journalist: “Relentless White Racism All The Time And Everywhere Is the Biggest Lie Of Our Lifetimes”

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