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The 90/10 rule is an injunction against spending 90% of one's time complaining, carping, cutting people down and forming cabals at Conservapedia - and only 10% actively helping to craft good encyclopedia articles.

This rule may be invoked any time a user starts to waste the time of productive writers with groundless complaints, specious arguments, et altii.

Anyone who wants to take part in this writing project should expect to spend 90% of their time writing articles and 10% or less on their personal agenda. Writing articles means making worthwhile edits and includes discussion on talk pages about improving articles. It does not include endlessly rehashing the same points that have already been raised, discussed, and resolved on those pages.

  • If something is to be done for commenting on talk pages too much, it should be a simple warning, "hey buddy, quit jabbering so much and start contributing." If that doesn't work, and they still only engage in useless arguments, block them.

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