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Christian Reformed Church

The Christian Reformed Church in North America is a conservative, Evangelical, American Protestant denomination in the Reformed tradition. It subscribes to the historic creeds of the Church as well as the Three Forms of Unity. In 2005 it reported 187,000 full members and 1340 clergy in 776 churches. It is the second largest of the conservative Reformed denominations in the United States and operates its own network of K-12 parochial schools. Its headquarters are in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The CRC emerged from the Dutch immigrant community in the U.S., which is centered in western Michigan. It is slightly more liberal overall than the three smaller churches which separated from it—the Protestant Reformed Church, the Orthodox Christian Reformed Church and the United Reformed Churches in North America—but more conservative than the other major body of Dutch origin, the Reformed Church in America.

In recent developments their flagship school Calvin College announced their commitment to Darwinism in scientific disciplines.[1] Their faculty have overwhelmingly renounced belief in the inerrancy of the Bible and often disavow being "evangelical."

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