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Christian Domestic Discipline

Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) is an uncommon practice within marriage based on some interpretations of the Holy Bible in which the husband enforces his authority on his wife through corporal punishment or other forms of discipline.[1] It is distinct from the mainstream conservative Christian doctrine of complementarianism, whose supporters affirm traditional gender roles and the authority of husbands but do not endorse the use of corporal punishment on wives.[1]


In a CDD marriage, the positions of husband and wife are clearly defined as the man being the loving authority and the woman being submissive to her husband. While the husband does have authority in the household, he has to justify his actions and decisions before God.[2]

The husband acts as a loving guide and teacher to his wife, but he also has the authority to punish, a power that is voluntarily given to him by his wife. It is recommended that CDD is only undertaken where there is mutual consent.


CDD has been criticized for jumping from the roles of husband and wife in obeying God's Word to the applying a standard of Domestic Discipline that does not have the same biblical backing.[3]

Mainstream conservative Evangelical Christians generally oppose the idea of Christian Domestic Discipline. For example, Got Questions Ministries states that it is unbiblical and can be used to justify abuse.[1]


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