Chaco War

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Chaco War
Part of
Date June 15, 1932-June 12, 1935
Location Gran Chaco
Paraguay Bolivia
Eusebio Ayala
José Félix Estigarribia
Daniel Salamanca Urey
Hans Kundt
Enrique Peñaranda del Castillo
150.000 250.000

The Chaco War of 1932-35 was a conflict fought between Paraguay and Bolivia over control of the Gran Chaco, a vast, arid and inhospitable region of South America. Prior to the war, no definitive boundaries dividing the Chaco existed, and both nations were attempting to increase their influence by the construction of military outposts. In addition, Bolivia - deprived of its Pacific coastline after defeat in war by Chile - was seeking an outlet on the navigable Paraguay River; and it was also believed (incorrectly) that the Chaco contained valuable oil reserves.