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Buy retail is a movement against the devastating community and economic effect that is resulting from the forcing of retail stores out of business. This movement is similar to—and perhaps as important as—the call to "buy American."

As retail stores and chains close, they leave behind lost jobs, empty building space, and fewer services for the community. Personal interactions decrease, and young people have less opportunities for their initial jobs. Wealth becomes less distributed and more concentrated in the hands of a few. The energy of a community suffers overall, and fewer are then likely to attend church or participate in other community-based activities.

While buying online is often cheaper, service and the secondary benefits of commerce are greater with the existence of retail stores than without them.

One (of many) examples is the loss of Radio Shack due in large part to a shift to online buying through Amazon.

Retail support of Little League and other local charities

Retail stores support Little League, schools, and other local charities, while Amazon supports nothing local. Retail stores also help improve the environment, such agreeing to clean pollution along roadsides, and to reduce crime by being watchful for it. Amazon does neither locally.

Amazon's funding of Washington Post

The Washington Post is a stridently liberal critic of President Donald Trump, incessantly creating one artificial scandal after another. The newspaper is funded by the CEO and primary shareholder of Amazon.

Retail is central to evangelizing

Retail stores play an important role in bringing people together, for evangelizing, educating, and socializing. Online purchasing is depersonalized, and dehumanizing as it reduces human interactions.

Political effects

Retail stores, particularly franchises and self-owned businesses, have long been the backbone of free enterprise. Their disappearance can have an adverse political effect as small business owners become either unemployed or poorly paid employees of multinational corporations.