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Arthur Robinson worked for Linus Pauling, researching the Nobel Prize winner's theory about vitamin C and the common cold. When Robinson became disenchanted with Pauling's theory, Pauling abruptly fired him. Robinson sued, and Pauling settled out of court for $575,000.

Robinson's book on nuclear war contained a forward by Edward Teller. Robinson continued the published of Petr Beckmann's newsletter, Access to Energy.

Global Warming

He co-authored an unpublished[Citation Needed] scientific paper with his son Zachary and with Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon, "Environmental Effects of Increased Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide", with a cover letter by Frederick Seitz.

Nuclear Radiation

Robinson charges that Linus Pauling demonized Edward Teller, using a theory of linear extrapolation to zero of the harmful effects of radiation which was later disproven (see radiation hormesis).[1]

Space Shuttle Disaster

Robinson also charges that:

Only the integrity of Richard Feynman, who was accidentally appointed to the commission charged with covering up the cause of the Challenger shuttle disaster, allowed the public to know that an O-ring problem - well known to the rocket engineers who strongly warned against launching the shuttle in such cold weather - caused the crash.[2]