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Anna Politkovskaya (1958-2006) was a journalist whose searing critiques of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government's policies in Chechnya earned her several prestigious awards. She also served as a mediator during the 2002 hostage situation during the showing of Nord-Ost in a Moscow theater. She found more fame in death, having been shot under suspicious circumstances on October 7, 2006 at her apartment in Moscow.

Finland held the position of Presidency of the European Union Council at the time of the murder, and The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs released this statement:

"The Presidency of the European Union has learned with deep regret about the killing in Moscow of Anna Politkovskaya, well-known journalist and defender of freedom of expression in Russia. The Presidency calls for a thorough investigation of this heinous crime and the bringing of its perpetrators to justice." [1]



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