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The All Saved Freak Band was an early Christian Rock band from Ohio that formed out of the ministry of street preacher Larry Hill and his Church of the Risen Christ in the vicinity of Kent State University. Their most famous member was guitarist Glenn Schwartz, formerly of the James Gang and Pacific Gas and Electric, and several other members who had all converted to Christianity under Larry Hill's preaching. They recorded four albums, My Poor Generation (1973), Brainwashed (1976), For Christians, Elves, and Lovers (1976), and Sower (1981, recorded 1976). They were an influential band in the development of Christian Rock, and within the Jesus Movement.

However, one disaster after another struck the band. Three members lost their lives in two separate automobile accidents before their first album was recorded. Glenn Schwartz' family attempted to have him kidnapped and deprogrammed. Larry Hill directed his converts to move onto an Ohio commune to prepare for the end times. Later this commune would allegedly take on the aspects of a cult as Hill became more controlling of members lives and instituted severe discipline of children. The All Saved Freak Band ceased to be a going concern around 1978 as members began to leave the commune over deteriorating conditions and former members brought charges of child abuse against Hill. Their final album Sower was not released until after the band no longer existed.