A Clockwork Orange

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A Clockwork Orange
Directed by Stanley Kubrick
Produced by Stanley Kubrick
Written by Stanley Kubrick
Starring Malcolm McDowell
Patrick Magee
Adrienne Corri
Music by Wendy Carlos
Release date(s) 1971
Running time 131 min.
Country USA
Language English

A Clockwork Orange is a violent, social and satirical book about a young delinquent who celebrates violence, rape, and classical music. He is subjected to conditioning to curb his violent/sexual tendencies in lieu of finishing his prison sentence for murder. This was achieved by chemically inducing nausea in him while exposing him to violent and sexual imagery. The book was published in 1962.

The film (1971) was directed by Stanley Kubrick and starred Malcolm McDowell as Alex, the young delinquent. The film was nominated for Best Picture but lost to The French Connection.

Christianity's Portrayal

Within the film, Alex is seem participating in Church activities in a productive manner and seeks the counsel of the Prison Chaplain before volunteering for the brainwashing cure. Later in the film, the Chaplain protests what has been done to Alex believing his free will has been taken from him. To the Chaplain, when a man has lost his free will he ceases to be a man.

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