1943 Bengal Famine

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The 1943 Bengal Famine was a case of colonial genocide where an estimated 4-5 million people were starved to death in the Bengal Province of British India.[1] During World War 2, the British ordered the destruction of all boats and rice stocks in the coastal areas of Bengal, claiming that the Japanese would land there and seize it. The British, under the orders of Winston Churchill, diverted food supplies to British soldiers and even Greece while Bengal was in famine. Wheat from Australia(which could have been transported to starving Indians) was instead transported to British troops in the Mediterranean.[2] The United States and Canada offered to send food supplies to India, but it was turned down by the British colonial authorities. Winston Churchill, defended the stockpiling of food within Britain, by telling his private secretary, "The Hindus were a foul race, protected by their mere pullation from the doom that is their due."