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Orbital characteristics
Physical characteristics

Template: Planet
Use on Astronomy articles
Use for Infobox
Category template applies to page Planets
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name no Defaults to page name
image Picture of body no just image name
caption Caption no optional image data
symbol Symbol no
date Date of discovery no
discname Name of discoverer no
origname Name origin no
primary Name of primary no
order Order from primary no
periapsis Periapsis no Closest approach
apoapsis Apoapsis no Farthest flight
semimajor Semi-major axis no Average of the two above
orbitradius Mean distance from primary no If not specified or different from above
bode Bode's Law prediction no Distance predicted by Bode's Law
circumference Orbital circumference no
eccentricity Orbital eccentricity no
sidereal Sidereal year/month/period no Time for one revolution
synodic Synodic year/month/period no Time for one Earthly zodiacal cycle
orbitspeed Orbital speed no Speed of body in its orbit
inclination Inclination no Inclination
reference Reference plane no Inclined to what plane?
siderealday Sidereal day no Time for one rotation
solar day Solar day no Time to display same face to sun
rotatespeed Rotational speed no Speed of rotation
axialtilt Axial tilt no Inclination of axis to orbit
mass Mass no
diameter Diameter no
meanradius Mean body radius no
equatorradius Equatorial radius no
polarradius Polar radius no
surfacegrav Surface gravity no
escapespeed Escape speed no
surfacearea Surface area no
landarea Land area no
waterarea Water area no
mintemp Minimum temperature no
meantemp Mean temperature no
maxtemp Maximum temperature no
moons Number of moons no
composition Composition no
color Color no
albedo Albedo no
mfd Magnetic flux density no
pmdm Magnetic moment, present no
cmdm Magnetic moment, creation no Per Humphreys model (1984)
mdt Magnetic decay time no
mhl Magnetic half-life no

Sample Data Block

The following may be copied and pasted at the top of the page being edited

| name= 
| image=
| caption=
| symbol=
| date=
| discname=
| origname=
| primary=
| order=
| periapsis=
| apoapsis=
| semimajor=
| orbitradius=
| circumference=
| eccentricity=
| sidereal=
| synodic=
| orbitspeed=
| inclination=
| reference=
| siderealday=
| solarday=
| rotatespeed=
| axialtilt=
| mass=
| density=
| diameter=
| meanradius=
| equatorradius=
| polarradius=
| surfacegrav=
| escapespeed=
| surfacearea=
| meantemp=
| moons=
| composition=
| color=
| albedo=
| mfd=
| pmdm=
| cmdm=
| mdt=
| mhl=