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Harold Ware

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[[Soviet Russia Today]],
'''Hal Ware''', son of [[Ella Reeve Bloor]]. In the early 1920s Ware met [[Jessica Smith]] in Moscow. The tried to establish a “model” collective farm in the Ural mountains using American tractors. Back in New York they were married by [[Norman Thomas]]. Ware returned again to the Moscow and attended the Lenin School, an institute for the study of sabatoge, revolutionary organization, and espionage. Jessica Smith remained in the United States and became editor of ''*[[Facts for FamersSoviet Russia Today]], and held the position for more than twenty years.
In the 1930's Ware was a [[CPUSA]] official in the federal government who founded the Washington D.C. group of United States government employees belonging to the CPUSA underground called the "[[Ware group]]". In 1934 the Ware group had about 75 members and was divided into about eight cells. The members had first been recruited into Marxist study groups and then into the CPUSA. Each of these agents not only provided classified documents to Soviet intelligence, but was involved in political influence operations as well.
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