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Liberal Party of Canada

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The '''Liberal Party of Canada''', or '''Parti Libéral du Canada''' is a [[Canadian]] federal political party. Other Liberal parties exist in all of the Canadian provinces, but are not directly affiliated with the federal party. T
Historically, the Liberal party has been either the ruling party, or the [[Official Opposition]]. It is generally to the (far) left of the [[Conservative Party of Canada]], yet to the right of the [[New Democratic Party|NDP]]. It is also the oldest party in Canada. The Liberal Party, and liberals in Canada are known informally as "Grits". They are opposed by the [[Conservative Party of Canada|Conservative Party]], [[New Democratic Party]] and the sovereigntist [[Bloc Québecois]].
==2011 Elections==
In the 2011 elections the Liberals were demolished by the success of the NDP. The Liberals seat total reduced from 77 in the to a record low of 34 making them, for the first time ever, the third party in Canadian politics. Their leader at the time, [[Michael Ignatieff]] failed to win even his own riding and resigned as party leader. Bob Rae, the former NDP premier of [[Ontario]] was named interim leader until [[Justin Trudeau]] was elected leader in 2013.