Prince George's County, MD

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Prince George's County is a county in Maryland that borders Washington, DC to the east.[1]


Named after Prince George of Denmark, Prince George's County was instituted from parts of Calvert County and Charles County in 1695. Two years later, in 1697 the Prince George's County Sheriff's Office was formed to be the enforcer of the King's rules.


  • 498 square miles total area
  • 2000 census population of 801,515
  • 2004 census estimated median household income of $55,129
  • 2006 census estimated population of 841,315
  • 2010 census population of 863,420

In 2005, the US Census Bureau stated that the population breakdown of the county was as follows (in order given by the Census): White (non-Hispanic) 27.7%, Black (including African-American) 66.1%, American Indian and Alaskan Native persons 0.4%, Asian persons 3.9%, Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander 0.1%, Persons reporting to or more races 1.8%, Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin 10.7%, White persons not Hispanic 19.0%[2]