Ex-atheists and Visions of Hell

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Multiple ex-atheists have shared their testimony about witnessing Hell during near-death experiences.[1][2][3]

This testimony corroborates two important points:

  • 1) The existence of Hell.
  • 2) That atheism is a moral crime punishable by damnation.

Point 1 contradicts the view of atheists, agnostics, deists, and cafeteria Christians that Hell does not exist, and that people cannot be punished for immoral actions or amoral lifestyles. Point 2 contradicts the cafeteria Christian view that, even if Hell exists, non-believers are not sent there, no matter how arrogant or self-righteous the atheist/non-religious person may be.

Both of these ex-atheists subsequently converted to Christianity.

It is of course highly unlikely that their experiences would be some sort of "fluke," since it happened at least twice. Their descriptions of Hell are eerily similar, so it is next to impossible that one, or both of them, would be lying.

Additionally, the testimony of one of the ex-atheists seems to disprove the neo-Nazi worldview, as Adolf Hitler is witnessed literally burning in Hell.