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Climate change denial and climate deniers are pejorative terms used by pseudoscientific bigots to attack dissenters of climate alarmism. The terms are most often used to denigrate opponents of the leftist war on science. It has been described as a shameful and hyperbolic attempt to equate rational science and people of faith with holocaust deniers.[1] The Anti-Defamation League has condemned the use of the Nazi analogy:

"It has become too common to use comparisons to the Holocaust and Nazi imagery to attack people with opposing views, whether the issue is global warming, immigration or health care. The six million Jewish victims and millions of other victims of Hitler deserve better. Their deaths should not be used for political points or sloganeering. This type of comparison diminishes and trivializes the Holocaust. There is no place for it in civil discussions. However heated the debate over issues of the day, we would urge you to refrain from using Holocaust imagery in the future.”[2]

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