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All Things Considered, is a popular National Public Radio talk show that began in 1971. It was one of NPR's original shows. All Things Considered airs every weekday for two hours on National Public Radio, and covers a variety of topics from science to politics. The show is hosted by Michele Norris, Robert Siegal, and Melissa Block, and takes a leftist point of view.

Cokie Roberts, formerly of All Things Considered, claimed on the program that Ronald Reagan had made a gaffe which she wrongly predicted would destroy his hopes to win the presidency in 1980 after Reagan referred to the Vietnam War as "a noble cause." Roberts is the brother of Washington D.C. lobbyist Thomas Boggs who represents Qorvis Communications.[1]

Nina Totenberg of All Things Considered reported the substance of an illegal leak on the program when information from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's security clearance in violation of Senate Rules were passed to her by members of Senator Paul Simon's staff, intending to defame Justice Thomas.[2]

Ed Cullen, a former features writer for The Baton Rouge Advocate, has contributed human interest essays to All Things Considered.[3] '


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