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The fictional creatures known as Zombies are the reanimated corpses of dead persons.


The phrase originates with the Voodoo religion of the Caribbean, where it is alleged, due to the historically high mortalities among living slave labourers, zombies were procured to work on plantations. In fact these zombies may actually have been living abductees; an extract of toxins from the puffer fish is believed to have been used in their preparation, rendering them tractable, speechless and impervious to sensations such as pain and fatigue.

In Popular Culture

Zombies commonly feature in a popular sub-genre of horror films, such as Night of the Living Dead. Cinematic zombies are frequently portrayed as mindless, lurching, animated cadavers animated only by an unquenchable lust for blood and human brains, and can typically be put down permanently only by means of decapitation or a gunshot to the head. Moreover, they are usually able to spread their condition by a mere bite, causing anyone so injured to turn into a zombie in a matter of hours. These so-called "rules" were established by the highly successful "Dead" series by George A. Romero. Zombies are also common antagonists in fantasy role-playing games, often being reanimated by necromantic magicians, where they are also usually classified as undead beings, and thus certain people, such as clerics, are able to utterly annihilate them with pure faith alone.

  • Famous movies involving zombies:

Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Land of the Dead

  • Famous videogames involving Zombies:

Resident Evil series (various platforms)
Dead Rising (Xbox360)
House of the Dead (Arcade)

Other uses

In computer terminology, a Zombie is a computer which has been infected by malware, usually without the owner suspecting anything, and made to perform as a server for spam or other malicious content, thus isolating the original bad actor from a trace by law enforcement. A large percentage of junk email and phishing attempts are transmitted by zombie networks.