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#[[Patrick Kearney]]
#[[Patrick Kearney]]
#[[Bruce Davis]]
#[[Bruce Davis]]
#[[The Corll-Henley-Brooks sex-murder-torture ring
#[[The Corll-Henley-Brooks sex-murder-torture ring]]
#[[Juan Corona]]
#[[Juan Corona]]

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Violence is physical force applied for unethical reasons such as aggression, abuse or exploitation. Its ethical opposite is self-defense or defense of another.

Most countries have laws against violence, although outside of the democratic world governments typically employ violence against their own citizenry.

Sexual deviance and mass murder

Paul Cameron said that the "top six U.S. male serial killers" were all homosexual:

  1. Donald Harvey
  2. John Wayne Gacy
  3. Patrick Kearney
  4. Bruce Davis
  5. The Corll-Henley-Brooks sex-murder-torture ring
  6. Juan Corona

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