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1,200+ This user has made over 1,200 edits on Conservapedia.[1]
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600+ This user has created over 50 redirects on Conservapedia.
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This user is from the United States.
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This user was born in the United States.
This user is proud to be an American citizen.
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This user is from Texas.
This user needs help accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. However, this user knows that God is real.
Cjjfdjfty.png This user supports the Republican party.
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This user supports President Donald Trump.
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This user supports John Cornyn.
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This user supports Ted Cruz.
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This user supports Cory Gardner.
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This user supports Martha McSally.
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This user supports Doug Collins for U.S. Senate.
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This user supports Doug Jones.
This user believes
Ronald Reagan
was the greatest president ever.
Patriotic.jpeg This user supports our troops!
This user knows that the Republican Party and the Democrat Party never switched.
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This user knows that the Democrat Party is, and has always been, the party of slavery, the KKK, corruption, criminality, lies, deceit, oppression, segregation, Jim Crow, racism, anti-Americanism, violence and hate.
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This user does not support the Squad.
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This user knows that Biden is guilty of quid pro joe.
This user knows that Obama benefited and funded the Iranian government.
This user knows electing Obama was an Outrageously Big Awful Mistake, America!.
This user does not support Barack Obama.
This user does not support Osama bin Laden.
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This user does not support Hillary Clinton.
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This user knows that Nancy Pelosi is a national disgrace.
This user does not support Bernie Sanders.
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This user does not support Mike Bloomberg.
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This user knows that Elizabeth Warren only tells 1/1024th of the truth, if at all.
This user supports Aschlafly as the rightful leader of Conservapedia.
Cplogosmall.PNG This user prefers to use Conservapedia over Wikipedia, or any other online encyclopedia.
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This user knows that modern liberalism has its roots in Fascism
This user knows
totalitarians love gun control.
CNN This user does not support the liberal media or its lies, bias and fake news.
This user does not use illegal drugs, and believes that marijuana and other illegal drugs should not be legalized.
Constitution.jpg This user supports the United States Constitution.
This user is male.
;( This user is pro-life.
This user believes in the right for every American citizen to keep and bear arms... as outlined by the Second Amendment.
racism This user is biased against racists.
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This user believes that the Big Bang occurred, but that God caused it.
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This user is an environmentalist.
This user plays and watches soccer.

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United States

Hi! I am User:United States! If you want to tell me something, feel free to tell me in my talk page! I reply very often!

We should vote for Republicans, in order to avoid Communism and its leader, Xi Jinping, from taking over.

Useful Links

Useful links

My Ban in Wikipedia

My Wikipedia account,,800,000,000, was banned and hacked, for being pro-right. I told the admins not to be biased but to be neutral, and then they called me a far-right racist. Then, they mixed it with mass vandals and lied about it. My IP is banned forever on Wikipedia! That is what happens if you are conservative in a website with a lack of free speech!


User:United States/Sandbox


I am a pro-Republican I am against those Democrat racists, I will put salt in the Democrat plantation just like Abimelech did with Shechem, and I will fight for Conservapedia and for President Trump! I am anti-Communist! All of you, accept Jesus as your Savior and vote for Trump!

This Website

It is an honest, Christian, Republican, and a trustworthy website.


They harass Trump and promote Biden! They also criticize all pro-Trump Asians like Modi for "keeping poverty", despite the emerging Asian markets! And they say that Trump is a murderer and a cager of Hispanics like me! We MUST not listen to those LIARS! They say Trump supporters are dangerous! And China is not even criticized! They said Trump caused COVID-19, even though it was China! They also attempt to connect Trump with terrorists! #Trump2020


Follow the experts' guidelines to prevent COVID. The Fake News says Trump and CDC are enemies, even though the NYT hates both! It is not CHINA's FAULT according to the Fake News! It is Trump's Fault? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at that.


Trump bullied by Washington Post here:

Web Archive

Go here,, go to History, and find out that Wikipedia likes China, as shown here: They call criticizing China "vandalism".