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Whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God. (Ruth 1:16)

Extracted from Nazism, the Internet and Culture of Violence,
A preliminary survey toward preventing a third world war, Walter James O'Brien, 1999.

I. Background

... the USA view on a near-unanimous basis by both the government and the populace is that the First the US Constitution grants those who are of the Nazi persuasion the inalienable right to advocate this form of mass murder on the InterNet...the embracing of Nazism worldwide first and foremost a distinctly American funded and U.S. Constitution-underwritten enterprise. Nazism is as popular an American export as Disney lunchboxes, rap music, $200.00 sneakers, pornography, mindlessly violent videos, televangelism, and crack cocaine. ...

II. The dual threat of Nazism and its dual lines of communication

The dual threat

...given that there are 1,600 (of which 600 are given here) U.S.A.-based Nazi Websites demanding daily that instead of all British postal workers, all the Jews, immigrants, blacks and liberals should be murdered now, and which Websites have been stating thusly since 1985, it is a fair indicator of how amazingly confined in ivory towers present intelligence service policy makers are. ...a start point for creating a working taxonomy to classify and inventory the hordes of new would-be Attilas, the following is submitted in basic outline.

The criteria used to define these groups are those set solely by the groups themselves,

1. Political organizations of immediate concern, legal and registered

  • A. The U.S.A.'s Reform Party, to be headed by Pat Buchanan, a TV broadcast pundit turned politician possessed of an open admiration of Franco, dreamer of imperialist dreams of American military conquest, Holocaust revisionist, and possessed of a committed agenda against immigrants, foreign trade and foreign ownership of U.S. manufacturing capabilities, and against "Jewish domination" of U.S. Federal policy making. He is the Presidential candidate of choice for U.S. militia groups, skinheads, fundamentalist "Christians," and related organizations...

2. Quangos & liaison groups (registered non-profit organizations, religious)

  • A. The U.S.A.-based televangelist empires of Reverend Pat Robertson (of Bank of Scotland infamy) and Reverend Jerry Falwell, as well as supplying succour and support to such terrorist bombing groups as the Right To Life anti-abortion movement, routinely back political candidates who staunchly support the old fascist line. This U.S.A. Presidential election they look to support Mr. Buchanan;
  • B. The Christian (sic) Coalition headed by Ralph Reed, which likewise funds and promotes far-right candidates as well as provides a non-stop stream of policy and campaign consulting...

This report to the U.S. Senate [2] shows clearly the interrelationship between the InterNet and the viability of the fascist international as a whole...this excerpt from U.S. Senate testimony the succinct and insurmountable reasons why a U.S.A.-based initiative to interdict Nazi websites at their present threat level is a legal impossibility for Americans but perfectly allowable for British military and civilian agencies....the Supreme Court has reaffirmed that [the US] government may not regulate the content of Internet speech [3] ...

...In most countries, hate speech does not receive the same constitutional protection as it does in the United States. In Germany, for example, it is illegal to promote Nazi ideology. In many European countries, it is illegal to deny the reality of the Holocaust. Authorities in Denmark, France, Britain, Germany, and Canada have brought charges for crimes involving hate speech on the Internet.While national borders have little meaning in cyberspace, Internet users who export material that is illegal in some foreign countries may be subject to prosecution under certain circumstances. An American citizen who posts material on the Internet that is illegal in a foreign country could be prosecuted if he subjected himself to the jurisdiction of that country or of another country whose extradition laws would allow for his arrest and deportation. However, under American law, the United States will not extradite a person for engaging in a constitutionally protected activity even if that activity violates a criminal law elsewhere.


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