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Yesoe Yoon (윤예서 in Korean), was born EnJoo Yoon (윤은주 in Korean) is a Korean American host and anchor of the talk show on the Global Leaders Network (Channel 24.5) in Chicago. She is running for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives in 2020. ​

​ == Biography ==​ She was born March 18, 1983 in Busan, South Korea to father Yoon Ik-hee and mother Lim Mikyong.[1] After she graduated from Gyeongnam Foreign Language High School in 2002 where she majored in English but also learned Chinese and Japanese, she attended University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, where she studied language from 2002 to 2003. Yesoe then got her BA in English/International languages at Busan University of Foreign Studies during the 2003–2004 school year. After that, her first step in journalism was when she became a TV reporter for KBC Ch 41 WOCH Asian American Network News from 2004 to 2005.[2]​ ​Yesoe was a reporter for Chicago Korean broadcaster KBC TV (WOCH 41) and an English reporter for Asia America Network News (2004–2005) and later an NBC 5 Action Board member.[3]​​ ​ When immigrating to the United States in 2005, she briefly started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin then went to Chicago, Illinois. She went to Northeastern Illinois University from 2007 to 2011, where she majored in Communications/Media Vocal Performance with a minor in music, then went back to Busan from 2012 to 2013, as she studied Russian for four months in the second year.[4]​ ​ While attending DePaul University from 2013 to 2017, Yesoe got her Master's in Public Administration & International Management.[5]​ ​ ​She is also known as an opera singer and occasionally sang the American national anthem,[6] performed a number of opera songs for charities and American politicians.[7]​​ ​ She helped prisoner Andrew Suh (Korean name Seo Seung-mo), a fellow Korean-American who was manipulated by his sister into committing murder, in getting clemency so he can have a second chance to start life all over again, as he is currently in process of regaining his freedom.[8][9]​ ​ While she was noted for singing American songs with US politicians and performing many opera songs for charities, and being a TV commercial/print model in Chicago.[10][11][12] In addition, she served as Asian Advisor to Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White helping to chair events,[13] Yesoe Yoon honored with President's Call to Service Volunteer Award[14] In 2017, she was appointed as Human Rights Commissioner in Skokie.[15]​ ​ Currently, she is currently the host and anchor of the English talk show on the Global Leaders Network (Channel 24.5), which is aired on Thursday at 9 pm on public TV WinTV 24.5 in Chicago, Illinois.[16][17] As part of her political career in 2019, she is a Republican candidate for Illinois State Representative, 17th district for the 2020 elections.[18] ​​ ​ On Global Leaders Network, featured guests include Illinois House of Representatives Republican Minority Leader Jim Durkin,[19] Illinois Democrat State Senator Ram Villivalam,[20] Willard S. Evans, Jr. the Illinois Toll Road Chairman and Former Peoples Gas Chairman/CEO,[21] Easter SealsTemplate:Disambiguation needed President Tim Muri,[22] Indonesia Consul General Rosmalawati Chalid,[23] Pacific Garden Mission president Phil Kwiatkowski,[24] and Northbrook YMCA President Howard Schultz.[25]

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